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Understanding the titles on you report or appraisal
AA- Document Title. If the title of the document is a “Report” the information is about the stone and mounting. If the document is an “Appraisal” it contains a value. The intended use of the value is found in the description/ comments of the document.
1. Date: This is the date the item was inspected and may or may not the date the report is printed.
2. Report Number: This is a unique number identifying your report in our database. This the number you will use to register your certificate appraisal in our system.
3. Shape/ Cut: This is the gemological name used to describe the cutting of the largest stone being evaluated.
4. Measurement or Dimensions: This is the millimeter measurement of the largest stone in the piece of jewelry or if a single stone is that stone’s millimeter measurement. These can be used to calculate the carat weight(s).
5. Weight: This is the weight expressed in Carat or Carat Total. Some times we express the center stone along with the total carat weigh of all stones.
6. Proportions: This section of the report is a further detailing of the center diamonds size. This will assist you to purchase a more finely cut diamond.
7. Depth: This is the total depth of a stone expressed as a percentage.
8. Table: this is the size of the table expressed as a percentage of the total circumference. The table itself is the flat facet in the top of a stone.
9. Girdle: This is the band that surrounds the stone. It can be faceted or have its original rough skin.
10. Culet: This indicates if your stone has this facet. If your stone has a culet it will also indicate its relative size.
11. Finish: This section is an evaluation of how the stone was finished in polish and execution of its overall symmetry.
12. Polish: This indicates the fineness of polish and care taken to enhance the stones ability to reflect light.
13. Symmetry: This is a summary of how well during the cutting process the overall shape and proportions were enhanced to improve the stones ability to create fire, brilliance and scintillation.
14. Color Grade: This is the grade the gemologist assigned to your stone based on our color grading scale.
15. Clarity Grade: This is the grade of purity or amount of liquid or crystal trapped inside of the diamonds lattice.
16. Description: This is a written explanation of how the item was evaluated, and a little about the different parts of the item. Noting any identifying characteristics or important facts relating to the item.
17. Comments: This will contain any limiting factors not mentioned in the description as well as the purpose or intended use of the report or appraisal.
18. Retail Replacement Value (RRV): this is the value we would expect you to pay if the item needed to be replaced. This is usually the highest one would expect to pay in any given market.
19. Photograph: This is a depiction for reference purposes. The item being depicted may or may not be your specific item, but is chosen from a random sample of like items.
20. Gemologist: this is the signature of the gemologist who inspected your item in the report.
21. Fluorescence: This is an identifying characteristic. Some stone show this phenomenon while others do not. It only affects value if it is measured as strong.
22. Pavilion: This is the percentage of the stone laying below the girdle.
23. Plot: This is indicates the placement and type of inclusions or abrasions on stone. This helps to identify your stone from any other diamonds.
24. Light Performance: This is a scale showing the predicted light return in the three most important measurement scales. Not all diamonds are measured for the light prediction.
25. Branding: Some diamonds are cut to critical specifications, while others are set into unique mounting. When retail stones what to identify special branded item we support that by placing the brand name in a prominent place on the certificate.
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